Anxiety and Doing Something to Pre-empt It

Tibetan proverb that comes from Shantideva that says something like:

If I can do something about a problem then I just need to do it and there is no need to worry. If I find there is nothing I can do about a problem there is nothing to be done and so no point in worrying. 'Of course we often find ourselves in the position of not being sure whether there is anything that can be done or not. That feels the worst possible scenario. I find for this kind of situation it helps to think that if I don’t know if there is anything that can be done about it or not then there is something to be done and that is to pursue the next possible avenue of investigation. And since I can only do one thing at once, if I am pursuing one line of investigation there is nothing to be done about the 100 other options that suggest themselves to me as things to worry about.' Lama Shenpen

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