Master and Student

On the Subject of Detachment A Master and disciple are having a discussion under the bright moon of a star lit sky. Disciple: I am sad Master Master: Why do you feel this way, my favorite one. Disciple: I have witnessed and experienced hate, greed, aggression, and the lies others have committed. It saddens me deeply. Master: Can you not detach yourself from them? Disciple: I cannot, for I feel an obligation to correct them, and tell them the false way of life they are leading. Master: What makes you feel they need to be corrected by you? What makes you the sole judge of their behavior? Do you hold the answer to everyone's life circumstances? Disciple: No. I would guess not. But I feel the pain and suffering that they must be going through, and the affect is very real and related to me. I want to show them the correct way. Master: Everyone was born in a life with experiences different than yours. What is right for you does not necessarily mean it is right for them. A fish born in water has no need for legs. What makes you think others need your criticisms? What do you say to a mother who can only sell her body to feed her child? Disciple: I understand what you are saying, but I am only trying to help them out, spread the message to them. Master: People will listen only if they want to. A truly caring person is someone who tries to understand others, and this compassion comes from the heart. Simply understanding another's viewpoint already does a lot. It is NOT related to bickering on who is right and who is wrong over trivial things. A need to correct others and convert them to your way of thinking only reflects on your need and dependence on proving yourself right. Learn to be reflective... ego building does nothing but put you at odds with others. Tolerance of differences in opinion is the first step towards maturity. Disciple: I understand now. I guess I became so involved in trying to protect my beliefs that I became the one who was not listening. I guess I was afraid of being wrong, of losing my reputation, and my main concern was to attack others who have differences in opinion with my own. I guess it is I who is showing hate, greed, and aggression when I attack other's beliefs, and try to prove them wrong. Now I understand how people view my behavior. Master: And that is why you are my favorite one.

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