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Here is my collection of Political Facts, Quotes, Satire, and Opinion.
The quotes are real.  Don't fuss at me if one of your favorite politicians
said something really stupid.  If they are Republician, it should be no 
surprise to you anyway.  If it's not about hate it's got to be stupid cause
that's all they do.  

12 Steps to Becoming a Republician

25 Rules for being a Good Republican

Adams, John Quotes

Adams, John Quincy Quotes

Arthur, Chester A Quotes

Boehner, John Quotes

Buchanan, James Quotes

Buren, Martin Van Quotes

Bush Family / Administration Values

Bush, George H Quotes

Bush, George W Quotes

Bush, George W (How Did He Do On The Economy)

Carter, Jimmy (James) Earl Quotes

Carter's 2004 Convention Speech

Carter's Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech (1976)

Carville, James Quotes

Carville's Ten Rules For Progressives To Live By

Cheney, THE DICK Quotes

Cleveland, Grover Quotes

Clinton's 2004 Convention Speech

Clinton, Bill (William Jefferson) Quotes

Clinton, Hillary Quotes

Clinton-Gore Administration Accomplishments

Coolidge, Calvin Quotes

Eisenhower, Dwight D Quotes

Election 2000....Just the Facts

Ervin, Sam Jr Quotes

Falwell, Jerry (The Devils Best Friend) Quotes

Fillmore, Millard Quotes

Ford, Gerald Quotes

Franken, Al Quotes

Garfield, James A. Quotes

George W. Bush's Anthem (If Your Happy and You Know It)

George W. Bush's Leadership and the World Trade Center

George W. Bush's Lies and Flip Flops

Gingrich, Newt Quotes

GOP Funny Paper

GOP On The Take!

Gore's 2004 Convention Speech

Gore, Al Quotes

Grant, Ulysses S. Quotes

Great Democratic Quote Page

Great Republician Quotes

Great Democratic Speeches

Harding, Warren G. Quotes

Harrison, Benjamin Quotes

Harrison, William Henry Quotes

Hayes, Rutherford B. Quotes

Hoover, Herbert Quotes

Helms, Jesse Quotes

How Is George Jr. Administration doing? Just the Facts

Howie's Stupid GOP Quote Page

Humphrey, Hubert H. Quotes

Jackson, Andrew (Old Hickory) Quotes

Jackson, Jesse Quotes

Jefferson, Thomas Quotes

Johnson, Andrew Quotes

Johnson, Lyndon B. Quotes

Kennedy, Ted's Blue Print For America

Kennedy's 2004 Convention Speech

Kennedy, Edward (Teddy) Quotes

Kennedy, John F. Quotes

Kennedy, Robert F. Quotes

Kerry's 2004 Convention Speech

Kerry, John F. Quotes

King, Martin Luther Quotes

Limbaugh, Rush (Lardass Gone Bad) Quotes

Lincoln, Abraham Quotes

Madison, James Quotes

Mckinley, William Quotes

Misc Democratic Quote Page

Monroe, James Quotes

New Republicans Quotes...God..They Keep On Coming..

Nixon, Richard Quotes

Obama's Keynote Address to the 2004 Democratic Convention

Pelosi, Nancy Quotes

Pierce, Franklin Quotes

Polk, James K Quotes

Presidential Trivia

Quayle, Dan Quotes

Reagan, Ronald Quotes

Republican Chicken Hawks

Republican Speeches

Republicans and the Sanctity of Marriage

Republicians Love the Abortion Issue

Roosevelt, Eleanor Quotes

Roosevelt, Franklin D Quotes

Roosevelt, Theodore (Teddy)

Seven Things The Democrtic Party Should Do but Won't

Star, Ken (Law Breaker)

Stevenson's 1956 Democratic Acceptance Speech

Stevenson, Adlai Quotes

Taft, William H. Quotes

Taylor, Zachary Quotes

Thurmond, Strom Quotes (The Heart and Soul Of Republican Thinking)

Truman, Harry S Quotes

Truman's 1948 Campaign Speech

Tyler, John Quotes

U.S. Presidents

Walter Mondale Speech Accepting the Nomination for U.S. Senate 2002 After Death Of Paul Wellstone

Washington, George

When the President Talks With God

Wilson, Woodrow Quotes

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