Master and Student

On the Subject of Existence
Master and Disciple are walking down the path towards the river. 
Master, I have a problem. There is a person in my group who is constantly attacking 
others either verbally or physically. I tried to reason with him, but to no avail. 
It bothers me so. 
Why does it bother you? 
Well, I don't understand why the hostility. It gets everyone agitated, and we end up 
having arguments and no peace. 
What would happen if this person did not exist? 
Then I guess everything would be smoother. We won't have to constantly argue 
and attack and defend. More harmony I would say. 
If this person were to have never spoke or attacked, since the first time you met him, 
would you have noticed him? 
I do not know. Viewing him in that way is contradictory to his behavior now. 
Maybe I won't pay as much attention to him as I do now. 
Most behaviors have a purpose. There must be something positive that person 
gets from his behavior, or else he would not continue doing it. 
Perhaps attention? Perhaps this person lacked attention as a child and was ignored? 
And this person found that attacking was a way to get people's attention? 
Maybe this person found out at an early age that creating havoc and getting all the 
subsequent attention distracts from the loneliness of being alone or ignored? 
Maybe this person lacked love as a child and this was the only way he could reach 
out to people. And this behavior continued with this person as an adult. 
Perhaps. Many people have a need and drive to exist. They can verify it through 
others, or they can verify it through the SELF. Although you are a participant in his 
desire for existence, he is also a participant in your own. 
How is that so? I am just trying to keep the peace. 
In order for you (or others) to be agitated, you must have some beliefs that you are 
holding on to. You are validating your own existence by defending your view and 
opinions. Otherwise, no arguments would exist in the first place. Perhaps that person 
knows he exists by getting attention. Perhaps you know you exist by the views and 
opinions that you hold.
Upon hearing this, the Disciple's face lights up and smiles

Source: Buddhism Depot Magazine

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