Master and Student

On the Subject of Happiness

In a quiet place within the confines of a small town, a Master and disciple are 
sitting next to a flowing river...

Master, I do not understand why life can't be full of happiness at all times. 
What is troubling you? 
Conflicts, conflicts, conflicts. There are just so many of them in my life. 
Who is causing the conflicts? 
I don't know. I learned that the first step in changing others is to change myself, 
but you can't keep giving in all the time right? 
Conflicts are inevitable. No two personalities are alike, there are bound to be 
differences. It's what you do with the differences that determine whether you are 
happy or miserable. 
I do not understand master. How can two people who disagree on something make 
each other happy? What do you do when you have differences with another person? 
What if my happiness is dependent on someone being wrong and me being right? 
As you travel your journey through life, there are bound to be those you meet who 
are in tears, having met great difficulties in life. Then there are times when you will 
meet those who have enjoyed great happiness from accomplishing or experiencing 
something they have wanted or needed. Which would you rather see? 
Well, it depends on whether that person is someone I like, or someone I hate. Right? 

Master laughs.

What if you are dying on your deathbed, reflecting on your life? 
Would it matter much then? 
Well, I don't know. I guess at that moment, all those conflicts will seem so 
insignificant and stupid. I will probably like to see everyone happy. 
Your life is very short and precious here. What you do with it determines what you 
want out of life. Would you rather share happiness with someone, or be part of a 
conflict with someone? 
In this case, share happiness. 
Would you rather share happiness with one person or many people? 
Many of course. 

The Master became silent after hearing this.

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